The sky is the limit for Winston Churchill pupils

ALL eyes were on the skies at The Winston Churchill School on Friday when pupils and staff went out into the playing field to release hundreds of  balloons as part of a week-long fundraising programme.

The senior prefect team ran several events to reel in some cash for Sands, a stillbirth and neonatal death charity, during National Stillbirth Awareness Week. The idea was initiated by senior prefect Ally Munday (below right) after one of Winston’s favourite teachers sadly had a stillborn baby last year.

Head Girl Rachel Muir and Head Boy David Stacey spent many an evening making plans, with senior prefects holding assemblies for each year group about stillbirth and Sands – all were very emotional.

Leading up to the events, pupils and staff were given the opportunity to buy a balloon to release during final period on Friday – the main event when nearly every pupil dressed in mufti and brought in £1.

During the day other events were held to raise money, and ribbons were sold for students to show their support.

The senior prefect team spent most of the day blowing up balloons and preparing fundraisers for break and lunch times.

The whole school was involved for the release of 750 balloons, with the radio station at the school, Radio Woking, broadcasting live from the field. All the pupils were there to show their support.

David said: “Overall, we believe we have raised nearly £2,000 through our efforts and we would really appreciate if readers could help too.”

Organisers now have an online JustGiving page at

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