Young boxing sensation tipped as future world champion

PROFESSIONAL boxer Dennis McCann has tipped Woking sensation Ayub Mumin to become a world champion.

The eight-year-old has been training with McCann, a former amateur champion who is now a professional signed with Frank Warren.

Ayub Mumin with his dad Abdul

After an exhibition match in Camberley, McCann talked to the young prodigy and his dad Abdul and said he was impressed by the New Monument Primary Academy pupil’s skill and confidence in the ring.

Abdul said: “Dennis’ family member was fighting at the show [which featured the exhibition match].

“Ayub’s match was the first one, so everyone watched the first fight. Dennis was impressed with how Ayub handled himself in the ring against an older opponent.

“The guy he was fighting was heavier as well as older. He was from a very good club called Pinewood, arguably the best amateur boxing club in the UK. They’ve got more champions than everyone else down the years.

“Ayub was dancing around him, and Dennis was so impressed that he had a quick word with him, saying that one day he will become a world champion and he should keep training hard.”

Abdul is not short of confidence in his son’s ability. As a former amateur boxer, he believes that Woking has the chance to boast a world-famous fighter.

Ayub squares off with Sami Hamed at the Buddhabox Gym in London

“I’m 37, and I’ve lived in Woking all my life,” said dad. “You hear about cities having sporting greats – cities such as Michigan, where Floyd Mayweather is from. It would be nice for the town to be known and famous because of Ayub.

“I want him to go as far as he can. I want him to enjoy it. What he’s showing us, his ability, is far more than any other eight-year-old has. He’s competing with people who already have belts.

“If he continues boxing, I believe he can go all the way. He can be a world champion.

“You know something is up here when people, rather than just saying ‘Well done’, say ‘Your son is really good’, or ‘Make sure you keep it up, don’t let him stop’. It’s nice to hear those things.

“But we try to stay humble because it’s not enjoyable when it gets to you. I tell my son ‘Just be you, do your thing and see where you can go’.

“Ayub is too young to go into amateur boxing. England Boxing say that fighters must be 10 years old before they can fight in an official amateur bout. But that does not subdue the starlet’s interest in the sport.

Abdul said: “He does a lot of shadow boxing around the house, and even when we are waiting outside our local chicken shop. It drives me mad sometimes. He can be any age for that and training – but until he’s 10, he can’t be carded. So we’re just waiting.

“He spars against carded children, and he does well against them. He’s competing against them, which he shouldn’t be as he’s so young. Until he’s 10, we can’t let him loose. It’s safety. We need to follow the guidelines.”

Meanwhile, the youngster was invited to train at the Buddhabox gym in Mayfair, London – and there he received more praise. Abdul said: “During the session, Sami Hamed came in to do some training. Sami is the son of Naseem Hamed.

“Sami and Ayub did some training together. And Sami gave Ayub some amazing tips. He was so impressed with Ayub’s boxing skills that he said ‘If you carry on like this, you will definitely be a big star and a future world champion’.

“Ayub was overwhelmed to hear these kind words from the son of a boxing legend. ‘Prince’ Naseem is a boxer who Ayub looks up to. Ayub copies a lot of his moves.”

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