Woking ‘are a massive club’ 

CHIEF executive John Katz wants the Cards’ fans and prospective new signings to start regarding the club as massive.

In an exclusive interview with the News & Mail, he stressed that his job is to ensure a positive mentality in all aspects of the Kingfield outfit – and put an end to the belief that Woking are a small fish in a big pond.

Woking bass John Katz is eager for fans, players and prospective signings alike to think of the club, which was once the largest in non-league football, as “massive”

Katz said: “Woking is a massive club, and what people forget is that there was a time when this was the biggest club in non-League football.

“If you think little old Woking, you’ll be little old Woking. We [all the staff] don’t think that way. We stopped thinking that way as it’s counterproductive.

“It’s our job as stewards of this club to make sure everyone knows that, and carries themselves that way.

“I want to bring in players who take pride all the time when walking out to the centre circle, and they’re going to fight, run and press repetitively. That’s exciting.

“People want to see guys who won’t back down from a tackle.

“I’ve watched clips of our new signing Dan Moss [a right-back who has played in League Two for Leyton Orient]. He’s fearless, he’s a great tackler, and he’s got pace – stuff like that.

“You can see a dramatic shift since Ian Dyer took over as the interim manager [between Alan Dowson’s dismissal and Darren Sarll’s arrival]. Josh Casey is a prime example of that.

“Ian switched the shape back to a back four. In my opinion, since then Josh has played his best football since I took over.

“He’s a left-back, not a left wing-back or a midfielder.

“You look at the faces of the players – it’s harder on matchdays and you can see it in training.

“Of course, we want to see them winded, but the parts of the sessions where they’re a bit more fun, the small-sided games, you look at the joy on some of their faces. They’re really happy to be there.

“Not that I think that ever left Josh as he’s a consummate professional, but you can see that in his face when we switched back formation. He’s playing his best football in a Woking shirt.”

Katz has played a part in the signings this summer. And he is happy with the players the Cards now have under contract. Katz and Sarll want one more centre-back to join the club, but the chief executive stressed that who signs is down to the manager.

“Decisions on the players we want to bring all stop and start with Darren,” said Katz.

“We can give all the guidance we want; the guy judged on performance is him.

“We talk constantly. We’ve both been on holiday, and we still talk about certain available players.

“Ian and Darren hit it off right away. [Woking’s general manager] Dave Curtis is also involved. Dave will float a name, and I’ll bring up a name with Darren. If we agree, it makes the job more enjoyable. 

“What impressed me about Darren when we interviewed him is his style of play is very much based on pressure and speed. Every player we’ve brought in has that.

“The pace on the left and the right now is unbelievable. So if the goal is to press high and win the ball as far up the pitch as possible, we can do that.”

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