New image plumbers with old-fashioned service

A YOUNG team of local plumbers and gas and heating engineers are bringing old-fashioned values to the Woking area.

Bailey Plumbing and Heating (UK) Ltd was set up in 2014 by Guy Bailey when he was living in London. Two years ago Guy relocated to Woking and has a young female apprentice, Freya Shipp, alongside plumber Luke Richards.

Guy Bailey, centre, with Luke Richards and Freya Shipp
Picture by J’Door Photography

Guy said he was trying to change the traditional image of plumbers and emphasised a professional and friendly approach.

He learnt this as an apprentice for his father Dennis in their native Lincolnshire.

“My dad is a stickler for doing things the right way and I am the same,” Guy said.

Having a good reputation is vital for business in Lincolnshire where “everyone knows everyone else,” he added.

“You have to have a good ethos because you don’t get any second chances and I have kept that mindset.”

Guy has a number of good contracts with big companies and organisations with whom he has built up very good relationships and is now looking to repeat that in homes in and around Woking.

“I came here because it is right on the doorstep of the countryside but near enough to London to be able to work there.

“Where I was in London, you had to travel for 45 minutes before you even saw some green, but now I’m a five-minute walk from the woods.”

Guy said the industry was crying out for female plumbers and he was delighted to have 18-year-old Freya in his team.

“She’s doing amazing. She’s in her first year and will be fully qualified after four years. I hope we can keep her with us forever.”

Guy is very pleased with his whole team and the lessons he learnt from 12 years of working for his father have stuck.

“I’m involved in everything; everything has to go by me,” he said.

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