Community food table helping residents

A COMMUNITY food table is providing much-needed help for people in and around Goldsworth Park.

Lakeview Community Pantry was set up by Vanessa Lambert, who noticed that some of the families on the Brookfield estate were struggling to get food and other essential items.

Vanessa Lambert (left) and Jaime Gridley, at the Lakeview Community Pantry

“They included the elderly, single parents, families on low income and those who are shielding,” Vanessa said.

“I thought it would help the community if there was a table where they could come and get food without any cost and without having to get to a supermarket. They could also donate items for other families.”

She started receiving food donations after publicising the initiative and is now working with Sythwood School, which is open for key worker and vulnerable children. Staff there are making donations and food parcels going are to parents around the borough, as well as to other families.

“Three times a week they bring deliveries that have been donated by their wonderful staff,” added Vanessa. “They have delivered parcels to families in need, checked what we need and brought fresh food and tinned food to help our residents.

“They have helped keep the table going and we appreciate all that they do to support this project.”

Jaime Gridley, the lead nursery teacher at Sythwood, said the school got involved when a parent mentioned that the food table was low on supplies.

The food table started as a small project but has now grown and is helping people around the borough. Residents are asked to take as much as they need from the table at Brookfield, as well as to do donate food.

“There was a call recently from a gentleman from another local community group who needed 34 food parcels and that has now been delivered,” Jaime added. “When it started, there was a slow uptake, but now there is a constant flow of people using it.”

Vanessa is being helped by her sisters Eve and Angela  and her husband Allan, who deliver parcels, while her mum and her neighbour Tracy help to display all the donations on tables.

“I am unable to work due to COVID-19 but wanted to support my community,” said Vanessa. “It’s been a huge success and gives me a reason to get up in the morning.”

[Red blob] IF you would like to donate items, or are in need of food parcels, visit Facebook and search for Lakeview Community Pantry.

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