Woking Imam performs call to prayer against Coronavirus

A CALL to prayer for the removal of the coronavirus plight in the UK and the world has been performed at Woking’s war memorial by the head imam of the Shah Jahan Mosque.

Hafiz M Saeed Hashmi carried out a ceremony which traditionally summons worshippers to pray at the mosque, but it is also recited for the removal of difficulties.

Imam Hafiz M Saeed Hashmi at the war memorial in Jubilee Square

Imam Hashmi performed the Adhaan by the memorial in Jubilee Square.

“The memorial is symbolic of the sacrifices made by people in the world wars,” he said. “During this crisis, many are making sacrifices to save lives, so this is why it was held there.

“The call to prayer is recognised throughout the world as a calling to God, which testifies the ultimate power of the Creator of the Universe, who controls every phenomenon happening in this world.

“It is important for faith leaders to be visible for the community during difficult times.”

The mosque in Oriental Road is currently closed for worship, but Imam Hashmi is conducting regular prayers and sending messages to the community online. For details, visit www.shahjahanmosque.org.uk.

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