Woking barber offers training course for youngsters

A WOKING barber is offering a training course aimed at youngsters from troubled backgrounds.

Soma Varga, the co-owner of Rino’s Restomod Barbershop in the town centre, has been running a similar scheme at Trilbys Academy in Basingstoke, where some of the graduates have found jobs in the five salons in the local area attached to Trilbys.

CUT ABOVE – Soma Varga and at work in Rino’s Restomod Barbershop

 “As a senior barber I took part in the education of youngsters with a difficult background, behaviour, and so on, in Basingstoke,” Soma said. “It was a great success. They enjoyed being part of it all.

“As soon as I established my position in the Woking business, I wanted to adapt and embed this model into the area.

“The course has the vision to pick up and mentor wasted talents, and give them not just a useful skill but also a role model for their future life, socially and in the business.

“I also wish to support local people on low income, providing free haircuts for them and their children.” 

The Restomod Barbers Crew course involves two nights of practical training a week for around four months. The course costs £2,500, which can be paid in instalments.

Soma said that full-time courses can cost nearly double the amount he is charging and his trainees get practical experience as they train.

Candidates for training are invited in for an informal chat and if they decide to go ahead, pay an initial £1,000 to secure their place and for their tool kit and mannequin head.

The trainees then pay £500 a month with further training available at £300 a month.

The course begins with a theory section with a written and verbal exam, and moves on to training on a mannequin, with a report from tutors, and then training on models with an end-of-course report.

Soma said he was looking for school leavers, especially those who were not suited to formal higher education.

“This is a very personal mission for me as I came to this country eight years ago with a suitcase, now I run my business, own my house and became the father of two brilliant children,” Soma said.

“It is time to pay back and pay attention to the youngsters who are probably not good enough for high education but far better than being left behind.”

For more information, pop into Rino’s Barbershop at 4 Cleary Ct/Church Street East, call 01483 729998 or 07576 779679 or email restomodbarbercourse@gmail.com.

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