Music with a startling intensity

The Physics House Band may not sound like your average band name – but then this foursome are not your average band.

They create avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz to prog to psych to doom-metal, all combined together with a furious energy transcending to their mind-bending live shows.

DARKNESS AND LIGHT – The Physics House Band

Their recently completed third record explores further into the expanses of intense darkness and light, involving soft ambient synths, angular guitars and saxophones.

The bulk of the record was written over a two-week period in a secluded farmhouse turned studio on Start Point, a Devonshire headland located between the English channel and the Celtic Sea. The record is a reflection of that time, as the cabin fever drew ever closer.

Find out what it all means when The Physics House Band play at the Boileroom, Guildford, on Monday (22 July).

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