Saving NHS £100m

A WOKING-based healthcare company has helped save the NHS more than £100 million in two years, by supplying it with state-of-the-art diabetes equipment.

The savings have been made thanks to the GlucoRx Nexus family of glucometers. Supplied by GlucoRx, based in Monument Way West, they were the first low-acquisition cost test strip to be launched in the UK and have since disrupted the market, driving prices down.

The cost savings were calculated by the company, using the latest NHS England data.

“As a country, we’re extremely lucky to still have a ‘free at the point of delivery’ healthcare service, which is why we wanted to start making high-quality diabetes-related products that completely overturned the industry, forcing prices down across the board,” said Chris Chapman, a GlucoRx director.

Full story in the 15 March edition

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