Dick Whittington at the Yvonne Arnaud – a lot of laughs for all the family

Dick Whittington at the Yvonne Arnaud – a lot of laughs for all the family

If you are looking for some truly entertaining family fun this festive season, Dick Whittington at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud is perfect for everyone.

Jamie Brook as Idle Jack has the whole audience on board from the off, we’re soon joining in enthusiastically as we practice our rendition of ‘Laid back Jack’ at the top of our lungs.  His all new ‘RatNav’ device has the crowd in stitches as he demonstrates how it helps locate the nasty critters.

Judy Cornwell and Georgie Leatherland, Credit Bryan Allman

Sarah the Cook’s costume and enormous hats seem to get more outlandish with every year.  Peter Gordon doesn’t disappoint and the truly hilarious rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas has him struggling to keep his wig from his eyes, whilst rolling about on the floor in true Panto style, and much to the audience’s delight.  The children couldn’t contain their laughter as Idle Jack gets repeatedly splattered with five custard pies, and as for the bra that was meant to hold three.  For us slightly older members enjoying the show, we couldn’t quite believe what we were seeing, when a string of knickers became entwined with a light on the side of the stage, fusing the lights and plunging us all into darkness.   It just added to the entertainment value and made the evening all the more memorable.

King Rat is truly dastardly and the audience in Guildford are clearly fond of Kit Hesketh-Harvey, who snarls and sneers, and interacts so splendidly with the front row.  Poor Jenny, she was still the centre of his attention right to the very last.  The dreaded pesky rats were brilliant with their twitching and dancing, and credit to all the young actors who smiled and performed their dances without a foot out of place.

Judy Cornwell as Fairy Bowbells managed to assert a calming influence over the proceedings, and even made King Rat cry.

If you are looking for a traditional Christmas panto this year, treat yourself and visit Dick Whittington, you will be truly entertained from start to finish and all of the bits in between.

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