InteractiveMe App helps recover memories

A DIGITAL version of This is Your Life is helping residents at a Woking care home to recover hidden memories and bringing them closer to the staff.

InteractiveMe is a tablet-based app that includes biographical details and photographs. The service was introduced last week at the Princess Christian Care Centre and is being spread throughout the homes run by parent company Nellsar.

Sam Dondi-Smith, the InteractiveMe chief executive, said the service was born out of his experience as an occupational therapist.

The Interactive Me application is being demonstrated to Mary Brown by Niki Young, Customer Support and Account MAnager – Interactive Me

He said it was in the shortlist of five to win a national Dementia Care award: “It works with residents, relatives and staff to build up a really detailed picture of a person’s life.”

Sam said it was used in one-to-one therapy and was about trying to unlock memories that act as a trigger for discussions.

“It’s about socialisation. It activates memories that residents can engage in while the staff get to know them better.”

He said the app helped to show interesting elements of a person’s life and that one example was of a resident who had worked on Concorde and went out with Sir David Attenborough in her youth.

“For the families, it means that they are involved in the care.”

Sam said that memory could be seen to be like books on a bookshelf that were pushed at one end. The earliest memories stay upright but the newest ones fall over.

“Memories such as starting a family or having a job can be very strong whereas what was had for lunch can be lost.”

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