The generation games !

WOKING kids and their parents got the chance to gain gamers’ bragging rights at a three-day event at the Peacocks Centre in the town centre.

The Food Court was transformed into a gamers paradise at a free three-day event with games from the past 30 years available for young and old. There were hundreds of games from PacMan to Super Mario through to modern favourites, such as Minecraft.

James with his son, Alexander 6

Mums and dads took on their youngsters in a battle across the generations.

Rowen De Grauw, customer experience manager at Woking Shopping said: “This was a must-attend event for any keen gamers and provided the opportunity to experience the very best games old and new.

“Whilst this was a kids club event, big kids were more than welcome to come down and enjoy the fun.”


Luke with his son Liam who is 7.

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