Bus-fare rises ’cause grief for drivers and passengers’

SOME bus fares in and around Woking have gone up with the price of a Day Travel ticket going from £4.80 to £5.

The increase has not been widely publicised but in a statement to the News & Mail, bus operator Arriva admitted the move, blaming rising costs.

The company said that passengers were able to avoid the fare increases by buying their tickets on their smartphone, via the Arriva Bus M-ticket.

“The M-ticket price freeze offer, means that the lower, pre-May 2017 prices, are still available; and passengers can buy daily, weekly, four-weekly or annual tickets at last year’s ticket prices until the offer ends on 30 June. The M-ticket is available via the Arriva UK Bus app,” the statement said.

One News & Mail reader found that a typical single ticket fare had risen to £3.20.

Regular bus passenger Tammy Morris 23, from Knaphill told the News & Mail: “I was not warned of any increase and had what I thought was the right money in my hand when the bus came along. The driver told me that he wanted another 20p but I only had a £20 note which I offered.

“He then told me off because he doesn’t carry a big enough float that time of the morning.”

One bus driver said, “We normally have stickers on the windows warning passengers of a fare increase but this time there has been nothing. I didn’t even know the fares were going up myself until I came in to work on Monday. It’s caused us and our passengers a lot of grief.”
Oliver Monahan, Arriva Area Managing Director for Kent and Surrey, said: “Our approach is to ensure that we offer our passengers great choice, quality and value for money in products and services. Last year we managed to reduce fares, but this year with rising costs we are having to make a small increase – wherever possible fares have remained the same. Specific fare information can be found at www.arrivabus.co.uk/prices-2017-surrey.”

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