Celebration time at The Hermitage School

THE Hermitage School in St Johns had a busy week with a visit by an Olympic silver medallist and a celebration of the writer Roald Dahl when pupils were invited to dress up as one of his characters,

Hermitage School - Roald Dahl CharactersMark Richardson, who was part of the 4x400m GB relay team at the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Games, shared the story of his success with the children. The visit was part of the school’s Olympics-inspired Be the Best you can Be! programme, which is run by the 21st Century Legacy founded by David Hemery, who won a gold medal in the 400m hurdles at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

Mark was a big hit with the pupils who were fascinated by his medals and asked lots of questions about his experiences as an athlete.   The Be the Best programme involves a vast range of activities and projects aimed at encouraging the pupils to excel in all sorts of areas, including sport, art and academics.

Headteacher Kerry Knight said: “At The Hermitage School, we were eager to undertake the Be the Best you can Be! Programme. The inspiration offered by high achievers in all fields including Olympians and Paralympians who strive to achieve their dreams, is incredibly powerful and can really reach out and engage our young people.

There was more excitement at the school when pupils were invited to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character for a special celebration on the day the author would have turned 100.

The school places a big emphasis on literacy and the Roald Dahl Day was designed as a fun way of encouraging the children to read.

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