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Walton Road witnessed yet another, near fatal, crash on Thursday last week. The dangerous junction in Maybury, between Omega Road and Courtenay Road has previously been brought to Surrey County Council’s attention but nothing has been done to address the situation.

Then on 25 August a car, which witnesses say was driving well over the speed limit on Courtenay, failed to stop at the junction, ramming sideways into another car coming down Omega Road that was carrying children.

The culprit then veered off the road, straight on to the footpath and crashed into
the street sign and lamp post on the corner, almost smashing into the front of someone’s house.  The driver then just ran off, abandoning the vehicle he’d been driving.
Thankfully the children who were in the car he’d rammed were safe, if not shaken. Maybury Councillor Mohammad Ali told the News & Mail: “This is a particularly perilous cross junction which has seen many accidents and even more near misses. “We have a residents’ petition about it and I wrote to the county council highlighting the dangers in June asking them to put traffic calming measures in place.
“But I had the most appalling response: they said they had no data on this road and went on further to say there were no recorded fatalities. What does it take? Is this not enough? “The children were outside in the play area opposite at the time. They often cross the road to use the corner shop on the junction to buy sweets. “Anyone could have been seriously injured – or much worse. Must we wait for the worst to happen before something is done. How shameful!
“I will be taking this up with the council again and I hope to get a more sensible response this time.”
Local resident Zaki, who lives close to the house on the corner, said: “I heard this massive bang and came out to see what happened. A car was just suddenly there, so close my neighbour’s front door.
“I have complained about the dangers of this junction many times. Last year we had a car turn turtle. It needs urgent attention before something terrible happens.” Mr Khan of the corner shop Khan General
Store, added: “There is the play area across the road. Children come to play and then buy sweets and ice creams from our shop, frequently crossing the road, which is busy and drivers often overspeed. My
own nephew almost got run over one day. I hope the council will do something soon.”
Cllr Deborah Hughes, of the Joint Committee, visited the site at Cllr Mohammad Ali’s request. She agreed with him and also promised to help take up the matter.

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