Providing Woking the tools to vote with confidence

‘SHOULD we stay or should we go?’ is the one question that will be on the country’s mind when the EU Referendum takes place on 23 June.

A week before the momentous decision takes place, Woking United Reformed Church will host a debate between Christian politicians and influencers on both sides of the fence.

Sir Simon Hughes, former Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader and President of Christians for Europe – a group campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union – will be speaking alongside Conservative MP Gary Streeter, arguing that the UK should ‘Stay’.

On the ‘Go’ team, Adrian Hilton, Co-Chairman of Christians for Britain, will be speaking alongside Brendan Chilton of Labour Leave. Hilton is behind the popular religious blog Archbishop Cranmer, and said: “It is entirely possible to love the diverse peoples, cultures, liberties, customs and Christian traditions of Europe while hating the coercive political and secular moral uniformity of the EU.”

On the other hand, Mr Hughes says that it will be a ‘terrible blow’ to the UK, and also to the concept of the European Union, if the UK were to make ‘the wrong decision’ and decide to leave.

The debate will take place on Tuesday (14 June) at 8pm. Both teams will address issues around economics, immigration, social policy, and how Christian faith plays into the verdict.

There will be an opportunity for questions from the audience and the debate will be recorded for broadcast on Premier Christian Radio the following weekend.

Rev Lucy Brierley, Minister of Woking URC, concluded: “We want to encourage people to think deeply about which box they tick on 23 June. We hope that debating the issues from a Christian perspective will help people of any faith to vote with confidence.”

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