Derren Brown in town with more mysteries of the mind

THE latest stage show from the never-knowingly-understated mentalist Derren Brown may have fans believing they have witness the supernatural.

The master of mind control is very coy when asked what he will actually be performing, but reports from previous shows on his tour have him curing toothache, restoring 20-20 vision to a short-sighted woman, and taking a sceptic from the audience and sabotaging his ability to read (so beware!).

“Without getting too much into the content, this is the first show that is about things I find important,” says Derren. “Others have had autobiographical bits in them, some more authentic than others, but this one is about things I find important.

“It has a philosophical underpinning I really care about. It’s ultimately, I suppose, about what makes us happier.”

Whether the star of stage and screen is performing true ‘miracles’ is a matter for his audience to debate. Fans of Derren’s work know how he has taken great delight in the past in revealing others’ tricks of the trade – not least in his TV series, Miracles For Sale, in which he took evangelical faith healers to task.

He’s also caused controversy of his own in his latest Channel 4 offering, Pushed To the Edge, in which members of the public were led to believe they had murdered an innocent man by shoving him off a roof.

Derren claims he has avoided the tabloid criticism, saying: “I haven’t seen them,” adding that the feedback  has, in fact, been positive. “People I’ve spoken to seem to think it’s one of the best things I’ve done, which is lovely to hear. But I switch off from any media or social media response after TV shows go out. It’s a show that makes you feel uncomfortable which, of course, means that some quarters will peddle their peculiar brand of outrage. I suppose that’s a sign that it’s worked.

“More than that I keep away from, and am happy not to know, the reactions. If I like it, and the participants have got something out of it, then I’m happy.”

The Miracle tour has been advertised as his last in the UK ‘for a while’,  something Derren, 45, confirms, adding: “It’s been 14 years of touring, and that’s with writing a new show every two years.

“I may do something overseas for a change, but nothing major here in 2017. After that I’m not sure. I love touring so I don’t imagine I’m stopping for good, quite yet. But a break would be lovely, not so much from the touring itself, but from the creation of new shows. It’s a lot of work getting them up to speed.”

With a break on the cards, Derren concludes by saying that he hopes his latest offering will keep fans talking for a while: “I hope it’ll scare and delight in equal measure,” he said. “It’s been a huge project and an extraordinary opportunity to have fun with the latest technology and let my imagination run wild.

“Nothing of its kind exists, so I’ll be eager to hear from the first people who ride it and find out what they make of it. If all goes well, it’ll be amazing. I can’t wait to get on it myself.”

There will be even more Derren trickery available locally in the near future, when his Ghost Train ride opens at Thorpe Park, near Chertsey, in May.

Derren Brown will bring Miracle to the New Victoria Theatre, Woking, from Monday (25 April) until Saturday 30 April. For ticket information visit or call 0844 871 7645.

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