Jonathan Lord thanks voters

AN OVERWHELMING 29,199 votes gave Conservative Jonathan Lord one of, if not the, highest majority nationally in the General Election to secure his seat in Parliament for another five years.

An unsurprising result in Woking, perhaps, but Mr Lord’s prodigious lead by more than 20,000 left the competition lagging behind.

LORD'S A-LEAPING - Jonathan Lord MP
LORD’S A-LEAPING – Jonathan Lord MP

Labour’s Jill Rawling pulled the rug from under the Liberal Democrats with 8,389 votes (double that of 2010) to Chris Took’s 6,047, shadowed closely by UKIP’s Rob Burberry at 5,873 (up by nearly 4,000), and 2,109 for Martin Robson of the Green Party.

Of the independents, Declan Wade for the Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol Party secured 229 votes, while 77 went to Ruth Temple of the Magna Carta Conservation Party, and 41 to Evolution’s Angela Woolford.

Turnout at the polls in Woking was similar to five years ago, at 70.17 per cent (65 per cent nationally) and the results reflected the national trend, with the Conservatives surging ahead in the polls while the tide turned on the Lib Dems whose votes dramatically went down from 19,744 in 2010.

Of the 74,269 residents in the electorate, 52,113 votes were cast, of which 149 were rejected.

Overseeing proceedings at the HG Wells Centre was Woking Borough Council Chief Executive Ray Morgan, while Returning Officer, High Sheriff of Surrey Elizabeth Kennedy, announced the results.

Jonathan Lord MP said: “I would like to thank my fellow candidates. We have had many hustings and they have been hard fought.

“I thank everyone very much for their help. I am truly humbled to be given such huge support.

“Across the country it seems people wanted to carry on with the Conservative Parliament and with David Cameron as Prime Minister. Over the past five years everyone has had to go along with some difficult decisions and I am particularly pleased the electorate have taken on that view.

“Woking is a terrific place and I promise to go on working really hard for residents over the next few years. Our town and communities have improved, as well and the quality of life in this town, and for generations to come.

“A huge thank you to the people of Pirbright, Normandy and Woking for voting for me.”

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