Horsell residents set up e-petition

RESIDENTS in Horsell living north of the Basingstoke Canal have launched an e-petition calling on the Government to recognise their wishes to remain part of their community when the new council boundaries are introduced next year.

David and Chris Severn consider themselves very much part of Horsell society, having lived there for almost 35 years. They are resident association members and belong to various village social groups, so were disappointed when they discovered the Boundary Commission had not considered their community position.

BOUNDARIES – map illustrating Woking’s wards for 2016
BOUNDARIES – map illustrating Woking’s wards for 2016

An e-petition has now been published calling on the Government to listen to the robust views and wishes of residents in Chobham Road, The Broomhalls, and The Grove, who feel a strong community interest within Horsell but have been selected for inclusion in the new Canalside ward instead.

Mr Severn and his wife wrote to the Commission with their complaints, to which they received a response via Woking Borough Council on Monday. Mr Severn said: “All credit to the council who immediately forwarded a link to the document on the Boundary Commission’s website.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t alter our position one bit, although I have a better understand of their reasoning now.”

The disappointed couple have emailed back with more details, offering a solution to make up the numbers of residents the wards have been based on.

They suggest the Canalside ward could instead be extended to include the new, high-density flats near The Lightbox, where the old Cottage Hospital used to be, so that their area can remain in Horsell.

They also contacted their MP Jonathan Lord, who told the News & Mail: “I have a huge amount of sympathy for the Horsell residents  who, despite terrific representations to the Commission, find they are  in a different  electoral ward. I myself made clear representations that the whole of Horsell should stay together in one ward, and I wish this petition every success.”


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