Slow progress in Bisley’s Snowdrop saga

RESIDENTS of Bisley’s Snowdrop Way have aired fresh concerns over plans for 110 homes on the site of the former Bisley Office Furniture factory in Queens Road.

They are concerned that an access path between the proposed site and their cul-de-sac will lead to an increase in crime in the area.

FAMILY AFFAIR - this typical idyllic view of Snowdrop Way is under threat
FAMILY AFFAIR – this typical idyllic view of Snowdrop Way is under threat

As previously reported in the News & Mail, Snowdrop Way residents took up the fight in early 2014 to prevent their road from becoming a thoroughfare to the new development.

But while they met with success, they now have fresh worries.

Resident Stephen Brierley has no problem with the development per se, but strongly objects to the proposed new path and cycleway connecting his road to the development.

He said: “I object on the same grounds as Surrey Police who, in a report have stated that a new path/cycleway is likely to increase the risk of crime to the established community.

“This access point has no value to either existing or new residents, and should be removed from plans; the application must therefore be amended.”

At a meeting last week it was revealed that the council will not object to the application but will ask Redrow – the developers – to reconsider and amend the plans to remove the footpath.

They also want the developer to review another plan it has to use nearby Chatton Row for access, as is the current intention.


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