Tennis club members rally support for hospice

WOKING Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club has chosen Woking & Sam Beare Hospices as its charity of the year for the 2019 fundraising.

Marian Imrie, chief executive of Woking & Sam Beare Hospices, recently visited the club to meet Andrew Kirby, club president, and Samantha McPherson, club charity organiser, to accept a cheque for £6,287.42 on behalf of the hospice.

NET RESULT – (from left to right) Caroline Bowden, Jenny Way, Tim Stokes (chair, Woking Hospice), Marian Imrie, Andrew Kirby and Samantha McPherson

The money was raised through numerous fundraising initiatives, members’ participation in WSBH’S charity golf days and regular donations to the hospice shop. The club has again chosen to support the charity this year.

The hospice was also presented with an array of colourful and attractive hand-knitted twiddle sleeves, which are hand-warmers or mittens with beads and buttons sewn on to them. They are provided for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s – having something to twiddle helps to calm agitation and restlessness, both which are common symptoms of the conditions.

A selection of twiddle sleeves

“It was great to be able to welcome Marian to our club and see the great display of twiddles,” Andrew said. “We’re very glad to have been able to help raise a meaningful sum for the hospice.

“A big well done to Sam for co-ordinating and driving through the club’s various fundraising activities, and we look forward to supporting the hospice again in 2020.”

The twiddle sleeves were created after a request on the club’s notice board was seen by member Jenny Way, who is part of a local “knit & natter” group run by Carol Ming. The knitters who created the sleeves include Carol, Jenny, Alison Wilson, Ann Catteliain, Jan Dow, Sandy Pollock, Domenique Woodfield, Jenny Way, Sam McPherson and club member Caroline Bowden.

Marian said: “On behalf of the hospice I would like to thank Andrew and all the members of the Woking Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club for the generous donation and for continuing to support us in 2020. We know is going to be a challenging one for all charities.

“A big thank you also to the team of knitters who created these wonderful twiddle sleeves, which I’m sure will bring comfort to our patients.”

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