Grandson honours the fallen with veteran grandad

SECOND World War veteran Alan Muir was able to take part in the VE Day 75 two-minute silence with his Air Cadet grandson Archie despite the COVID-19 lockdown.

Mr Muir, 99, wearing his war medals, observed social distancing at his home in Hook Heath to stand with 15-year-old Cadet Corporal Archie.

Archie Muir and his grandfather, Alan Muir, observing the two-minute silence

Archie, a member of 1349 (Woking) Squadron Air Training Corps and also from Hook Heath, held a photo of his grandad in wartime naval uniform.

Mr Muir was studying physics at the University of St Andrews at the start of the war. Given his technical knowledge, he was commissioned in the Royal Navy in 1941 as a radar officer.

Woking Air Cadet Lily Hallam, 14, in uniform to observe the two-minute silence at her home in Horsell

He spent much of his service equipping naval vessels with radar. He also served on small coastal vessels such as motor torpedo boats (MTBs) and armed motor launches (MLs) along the South Coast. Their work included running couriers and spies across the Channel to occupied France.

Mr Muir also spent some time in Combined Operations, preparing equipment and vessels for the landings in North Africa. Unfortunately, he was injured on a vessel in the Irish Sea in late 1943, which ended his war service.

Other members of the Woking ATC squadron also put on their uniforms to observe the two-minute silence, honouring the sacrifices of the Second World War generation.

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