Ovarian cancer survivor to appear in Ovacome charity fashion show

A WOKING grandmother who has been successfully treated for ovarian cancer is to take part in a charity fashion show.

Kathryn Norris is one of 12 current and former cancer patients who will be taking part in the event on 28 March to help mark Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

IN FASHION – Kathryn Norris, far right, with the other women who are or have been treated for ovarian cancer and are taking part in the charity event

The Touch of Teal Tea 2020 will be the 11th annual event to raise awareness of the disease and raise money for the ovarian cancer charity Ovacome.

Kathryn was diagnosed with stage two of the disease in March 2017 after having read about the symptoms and recognised that she might need to have a check-up.

After a full hysterectomy, a bowel reconstruction and six months of chemotherapy, Kathryn is being regularly monitored. “I feel so lucky that my disease was caught early enough to be treated,” Kathryn said.

“I’m not the classic case. Most women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed stage 3 or 4,” she adds. “Since I’ve had cancer I’ve heard so many really awful stories of late diagnosis with people being told they were too young, menopausal or had IBS rather than being investigated for the possibility of having ovarian cancer.”

If you are concerned about ovarian cancer, contact Ovacome on its freephone support line 0800 008 7054 or visit www.ovacome.org.uk.

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