Woking air cadets’ wilderness adventure

THREE Air Cadets from Woking put on their camouflage uniforms to enjoy an adventure in the open air.

Aleksandra Merkelovas, Dominic Noble and Nathan Budd took part a fieldcraft weekend at Longmoor Military Camp in the Hampshire heathlands.

Aleksandra, Dominic and Nathan during their fieldcraft weekend

The 13-year-old members of 1349 (Woking) Squadron ATC joined Air Cadets from Middlesex Wing for two days of practical experiences.

They covered cooking in the field, building a personal shelter known in the military as a basha, camouflage and concealment techniques and how to carry out night patrols.

Nathan, from St John’s said “The weekend at Longmoor was great fun. We covered all sorts of things like how to cook in the field, how to put up a basha, hand signals and how to move tactically and quietly. We all got along great with the other cadets.”

Dominic added: “Patrolling was my favourite thing from the training weekend as we learned how to stalk and to do hand signals.”

Aleksandra also had a great time. “My favourite part was learning how to cook in the field,” he said. We were taught how to use a cooker and fuel, use ration packs and clean our mess tins. Overall, it was a fun experience.”

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