Surrey Wildlife Trust has Logs for All this winter

SURREY Wildlife Trust is selling firewood grown on its land and naturally seasoned, with the profits going to help conservation in the county.

The logs are generating thousands of pounds each year for the trust, while ensuring that woodburners and open fires are being fuelled with local wood.

The Logs for All team with a stack of their sustainable, naturally drying wood

“Our logs are treated by being stacked and then using the wind and natural heat to dry them below 20% moisture content, which is what other wood sellers provide,” said SWT business manager James Herd.

The logs all come from managed woodland, either on SWT estates or other sustainable areas in Surrey or very close by.

The wood costs £115.50 for a cubic metre bag, with SWT members getting a 10% discount. The first order comes with a free bag of kindling. If the wood is reordered, the bag it comes in can be returned to the trust, in exchange for another bag of kindling.

Logs can be ordered all year, with some going on barbecues and chimineas in the summer.

“If you want locally sourced, sustainably grown wood with the profits going to conservation in Surrey, come to us,” James said.

To order, visit and select “Buy logs and firewood in Surrey”. You can then further narrow this down to sales in Woking, Weybridge, Guildford, Egham, Leatherhead or Dorking.

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