Celebrity chef helps local family eat more healthily

A WOKING greengrocers has helped a local family to adopt healthier eating habits guided by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge on a primetime BBC television show.

The Johnsons, who live in Addlestone, are appearing in Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start and are featured buying fresh fruit and vegetables from Boz’s in Horsell.

Tom Kerridge with the Johnson family

Mum Beckie Johnson said the family discovered Boz’s a few years ago while shopping at the pet food shop across the road and have been regular customers ever since.

Filming for the TV show took place at the end of last summer and the family can be seen being served by Avdi Amic.

Lynsey Amic, who runs the shops with husband Boz, said the greengrocer, which has a large stall in the town centre market and a shop in Church Path, was keen to encourage youngsters to eat more healthily.

“A lot of families don’t cook from scratch, which is cheaper and healthier than buying pre-prepared food. It’s a bit of a change for many but there are many easy recipes you can use with fresh ingredients,” she said.

It was exactly this approach that the programme has taken, with Beckie saying: “The big thing was being so busy and not having time to cook. Everyone was tired and hungry and so went for frozen bits and pieces.”

She added that Tom Kerridge was lovely and “is as you see him on camera.”

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