World’s largest mobile chemo unit visits Woking

THE largest mobile chemotherapy treatment unit in the world has visited the Woking headquarters of the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

The 146ft-long unit weights 30 tonnes and the charity, whose main offices are in Albert Drive, made a grant of half a million pounds to Tenovus Cancer Care, which is running the facility.

The money was raised by walkers taking part in Walk the Walk’s MoonWalk events. Several local supporters of the charity were invited to see the unit.

One of those was Brenda Barrow, who has completed 15 Walk the Walk events.

Brenda Barrow, left, with Walk the Walk founder and chief executive, Nina Barough

She said: “It was great to have the opportunity to see the Mobile Cancer Support Unit. It is fantastic and is going to provide a great service to patients suffering from cancer.

“It was a privilege to be able to see that through doing events like The MoonWalk, I have been able to contribute to something like this – it really incentivises me to continue taking part in events for Walk the Walk”.

With seven chemotherapy chairs the unit can accommodate 30 patients a day and deliver more than 8,500 treatments a year.

Walk the Walk’s founder and chief executive, Nina Barough, said: “If you need to have chemotherapy this is where you’d want it to be – it is an intimate, reliable, warm, welcoming space, which is exactly what you need to help reduce the fear and anxiety that many feel when diagnosed with cancer.

“It has been great that our Walkers in the South East have been able to see how the money they have fundraised is helping people in other parts of the UK.”

The unit will treat patients in Wales.

SPECIAL VISIT – The mobile cancer support unit at the Walk the Walk Woking offices, with charity workers and supporters

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