Why should some people be allowed to behave differently than the rest of us?

THE Wheatsheaf Recreation Ground is a very pleasant place. Last month the Horsell Scouts and Guides held their very successful annual Grand May Fayre there. And afterwards the expanse of grass and, indeed, the boundary woods, were cleaner than before the Fayre.

To use the green for this event the May Fayre committee have to fill in all sorts of application forms,  collect registration numbers of any vehicles which will be parked there and make certain insurance and all other papers are in order. This is very time consuming and stressful, bearing in mind that the Committee is formed of volunteers, not civil servants.

Of course, they could just come in mob-handed as did a fleet of about 50 Traveller vans recently: some arrived on Friday with more joining them on Sunday. They departed on Monday. They came from Send and went on to St John’s Lye and then to Guildford.

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