Woking playwright offers festival-goers chance to join ‘live radio’ script reading

AN OPPORTUNITY to take part in a dramatic script reading for visitors to the forthcoming Camberley International Festival – as if for live radio – is being offered by Woking playwright Liz Lennie.

No professional acting or reading experience is required and the chance to take part is open to any festival visitor – to read one of the parts of the play, create improvised sound effects, or simply join the audience and enjoy the reading.

The free event, the premier of Liz’s latest play, Tinkler, is being held in the upstairs Studio of the Camberley Theatre from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on the evening of the last day of the festival which runs from June 20 to 23.

Woking playwright Liz Lennie

Full story in the 14 June edition

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