Warning over property investment

Ch r i s t o p h e r Winser, FRICS, is the principal at Winser Chartered Surveyors. Based in Woking, he has spent over 30 years surveying and valuing property in Surrey, Hampshire and across the south of England. This week, he urges caution over property investment.

RECENTLY I read somewhere: “Land is a good investment because they don’t make it any more.” Very true but with provisos – what’s a good investment and who’s to judge?

In Woking, for example, developers and the borough council must think putting land to better use is a good investment because redevelopment schemes are popping up all over the town. To maximise it, houses and their gardens are becoming smaller, blocks of flats taller and density increasing.

The judge and arbiter is, of course, the council. It has a difficult job matching government policy, local policy, calls from developers clamouring for permissions with raising capital and revenue to fund expenditure, provision of jobs and infrastructure as well as protection of the Green Belt and so on.

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