Can you help Peter find his relatives ?

PETER Woodhead believes he has a collection of relatives in the Woking area, but he has no idea how many or who they are.

He recently discovered he is the adopted son of a woman from Kingfield, from finding his birth certificate after 22 years of trying to obtain a copy.

Peter Woodhead with Scarlet, the youngest of his five grandchildren

The identity of his real father is still a mystery but he would very much like to meet his mum’s other children and their families.

Peter, who has lived in a small village in Ebbw Vale, South Wales, for many years, has asked the News & Mail to help him reconnect with his Woking past.

His mother was Phyllis Lillian Frazer-Hollins, who at one time lived at 50 Selwood Road, Kingfield.

Her husband was Flight Lieutenant George Albert James Frazer-Hollins, an RAF bomber pilot and holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross who died in a raid over Germany in 1943.

Peter, now in his early 70s, was adopted as a baby in 1946. He has been told his father was a US or Canadian serviceman who left for home shortly after having a relationship with his young widowed mum.

“It was probably shameful in those days to have a child in those circumstances,” said Peter. “Phyllis already had three children and decided soon after I was born to give me up for adoption.”

Phyllis and George had a son in 1935 and daughters in 1938 and 1943.

“I am trying to contact anyone who might be able to help me trace any relatives or friends of Phyllis,” said Peter. “I hope someone can help, as I have been looking for a long time and maybe my search will now come to an end.”

Peter was adopted by William and Mary Woodhead from Woking, who moved to Bracknell soon after he joined their family.

They had a son who was born with spina bifida and, while the boy was still young, moved again to South Wales to be near Cardiff General Hospital, which was one of the few centres specialising in treating the condition.

Peter had a successful career in sales with national companies and as a self-employed salesman. Phyllis died in 1997 but he hopes many of her descendants are still in the area.

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