Right on cue

WHAT’S the last thing you would expect when walking into a recruitment agency looking for work?

If you answered being offered a drink and asked if you wanted a game of pool, then you would be surprised to find that is exactly what might happen at Finch Club Recruitment in Woking town centre.

The new agency is the brainchild of 33-year-old Paul Davey, a former Woking High School and Woking College student who is bringing his experience of working in the City of London to his hometown.

Paul, who has lived in Woking since he was a small boy, had previous experience in recruitment before moving on to the high-pressure world of currency trading in the City and Dubai.

He returned to Woking last year and came up with the concept of recruitment that fitted the 21st century and also the expansion of the town.

“I noticed an opportunity – Woking is on the cusp of a real economic boom and the big companies that are being attracted here will need to find staff,” Paul said.

Describing the developing town as “the ideal location” Paul partly took his inspiration from some of the more modern-looking estate agents with their ultra-tidy offices, complete with gleaming fridges full of cold drinks.

Finch Club has a coffee bar on top of fridges, with an impressive array of lager, wine and soft drinks.

The feel is very relaxed and also very modern with striking art on the wall and, of course, that pool table.

Paul felt that other recruitment agencies, like some of the old-fashioned estate agents, have failed to keep up with the times, leaving candidates to fill in a form with their employment details and being “a number in a database”.

Finch Club, by contrast, is all about getting to know the candidates as much as possible so that they can be matched with the ideal job.

“Its about humanising it – we want candidates to come in and feel relaxed. We are about putting the candidates at the centre of everything we do. If we can have a relaxed chat – perhaps over a drink and game of pool – and find out as much as possible, we are then able to sell that candidate to prospective employers that much better.”

The club look and feel to Finch belies the strong sense of efficiency and professionalism behind the new business.

Paul and his colleagues are all very smartly dressed and turned out. The desks are as tidy and clean as any modern office. The technology – from the wireless work stations to the flat-screen TVs – is cutting-edge.

The sense is that there is no room in modern business for outdated ideas and practices.

The intention is to become the number one agency in the town as only the first step to expansion.

Paul said he saw the Goldsworth Road premises as becoming the headquarters to a business that will grow around Surrey and beyond.

“I want people to walk out of here having had such a positive experience that they tell 10 or 20 of their friends.”

Paul is looking to recruit his own staff and hopes to do so from people in and around Woking.

“This is a dream sales job for someone to work in this environment.”

Alongside an “aggressive commission package” consultants will benefit from Finch Club’s local connections with free haircuts, gym membership deals and clothing discounts.

The name of the business comes from the little bird that flies, not just from A to B, but also for enjoyment.

“The motto is ‘enjoy the journey’ and that is what we are doing and want to impart to others,” Paul said.

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