Amazing statues turn heads in Woking

AN AMAZING collection of statues is turning the heads of shoppers and commuters in Woking.

One depicts the image of a larger-than-life modern-day woman the near entrance to the Peacocks shopping centre.

Another is of a dishevelled-looking man sitting on a bench at Woking station. The powerful figure of “The Wanderer” will greet passengers as they leave the station and walk towards the town centre.

Both works, and others around the town, are the brainchild of Woking-born artist Sean Henry, who has created a sculpture trail which leads to The Lightbox gallery and museum.

The Lightbox is celebrating its 10th anniversary and to mark the occasion the major summer exhibition will be a display of the thought-provoking artworks.

The exhibition showcases striking artworks made over the last 15 years which will be exhibited both at the gallery and, for the first time in the history of The Lightbox, in prominent outdoor locations across the town centre.

In the Main Gallery, more than 20 sculptures will be complimented by a selection of new drawings, which have never before been on public show.

Sean Henry’s sculptures are figurative and highly realistic. His figures, often anonymous men and women, have a strong physicality which invites the viewer to draw their own interpretations when they come ‘face to face’ with the artworks.

Henry uses aspects of size, scale and colour to surprise the viewer and create a sense of theatricality which imbues the figures with a powerful presence.

Face to Face: The Figurative Sculpture of Sean Henry will be on show at The Lightbox, from the Saturday 12 August to Sunday 5 November.

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