Woking Park has a new focus on public safety

WOKING Park is set to become a safer place for residents thanks to the implementation of CCTV coverage from Easter.

Last December, a 17-year-old girl had her clothes grabbed and bag stolen by four youths in the park in what Surrey Police called a ‘distressing’ incident.

Following other cases of teens being attacked or assaulted in the park late in the evening, Woking Borough Council has agreed to act.

Closed circuit television will soon cover the area from Quadrant Court on Guildford Road through to Woking Park.

The first installation, which observes walkways around the leisure centre, the new car park and skate park area, should be completed by late March.

Lib Dem Councillor for Mount Hermon West, Ian Johnson, who proposed the motion for the use of the technology last Thursday, said: “There have been well-publicised incidents in Woking Park recently concerning public safety and vandalism, which led me to feel we should review the current standard of lighting on the footpaths.”

Conservative Councillor John Lawrence, who represents Old Woking, added: “I’m pleased that action is being taken on this point.

“Many residents in Kingfield, Westfield and Old Woking use the park as a cut through to get home in the evenings. It can be a dark and intimidating environment, particularly for women walking alone. The recent reports of inappropriate and anti-social behaviour will help people feel safe when walking to and from town or the station, or using the leisure facilities.”

Council Leader John Kingsbury added that the town’s CCTV network could yet be expanded even further.

He said: “Consideration of the route from the town centre down to Woking Park will be considered as part of the town centre highway improvements related to the integrated transport arrangements that we are currently pursuing with Enterprise M3.”

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