England call-up for young Woking players

WOKING FC’s Community Team had the match of the day last week when the England team boss Roy Hodgson and coach Ray Lewington held a VIP training session.

Merrist Wood College hosted 170 children who were all put through their places by the national team chiefs, with a helping hand from Woking’s Community Co-ordinator Jane Spong and her team.

The once-in-a-lifetime football day was held in support of Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary who, like their Woking FC counterparts, are a local award-winning community charity project.

Jane said: “The Development Team at Woking FC were delighted to be able to help Mane Chance Sanctuary raise much-needed funds. Of course, the added bonus for us was that we got a chance to work with the England management team.

“It was a great way of showing how two groups from opposite ends of the spectrum can work together, and we hope to do so again in the future.”

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