New school has DfE backing

HOE Valley School took another huge step to cementing its future after entering a funding deal with the Department for Education on Monday.

The agreement, which is a requirement for all academies, confirms the Government’s funding of the school alongside the obligations of the academy trust.

THE BOSS - Hoe Valley School's Headteacher Penny Alford
THE BOSS – Hoe Valley School’s Headteacher Penny Alford

The news follows hot on the heels of the council’s announcement that the new school – which will serve South Woking – will make its initial home in a car park site at Woking Park, although this will only be on a temporary basis.

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Lynne O’Reilly, explained: “The signing of our funding agreement marks another huge step for the school.

“Since being approved to open back in June last year, directors and staff have been working hard to put in place detailed plans for how the school will run. The DfE has analysed these plans covering the governance of the school, the education programme, full financial details and also a comprehensive assessment of the school’s planned premises.

“All these have been approved and signed off. With our funding agreement in place, parents will be able to accept places at Hoe Valley School with assurance that it will open as planned. Offer letters have been sent out this week to successful applicants to the school, which is oversubscribed.”

Ms O’Reilly further explained that the signing of the funding agreement means that the DfE is satisfied with the progress and plans in place – both for the opening site as well as the planned permanent site, which will be announced in the coming days.

The school has also launched their uniform, which was designed in consultation with a number of Hoe Valley’s first students at a workshop with Headteacher Penny Alford. The school is offering 120 places to Year 7 applicants, to start this September.

MORE details are available online now at As Hoe Valley is already oversubscribed, the school has established a waiting list and parents are still able to apply for a place.

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