Listen to dawn’s orchestra of bird song

SUNDAY is International Dawn Chorus Day. What started in the 1980s as a small event in Birmingham is now celebrated all over the world on the first weekend in May. From March... Read more »

New pair of peregrines lay eggs in council nestbox

WOKING’S peregrine falcons have laid three eggs with more expected over the next couple of weeks. The pair have replaced the two birds who had been at the top of Export House... Read more »

Protecting the rare wildlife of our heathland

SWATHES of heathland such as Chobham, Horsell and Whitmoor commons have helped many survive a difficult year, providing open spaces for fresh air and exercise during the lockdowns. The numbers of people... Read more »

Helena’s haven for baby swifts in distress

A SEND woman has been working tirelessly to return injured and abandoned baby birds to the skies. Helena Finden-Browne is a volunteer for the Leatherhead-based charity Wildlife Aid Foundation, which accepts grounded... Read more »