Shah Jahan Mosque steps up Coronavirus measures

THE Shah Jahan Mosque is offering recorded sermons and is running its Islamic school online after having to close all buildings because of coronavirus.

The News & Mail reported two weeks ago that Friday prayers and the school had been cancelled but that the building was open for the five daily prayers.

Saad Munir, a SJM Coronavirus Self-Isolation Support project volunteer, hands shopping bought with donations to Mr Soe

Restrictions have now been stepped up, in line with churches having to put all public worship and activities on hold.

As well as offering online services for Muslims, the mosque is now concentrating on its 24-hour service, the SJM Coronavirus Self-Isolation Support project, offering food and other help to all people affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Muhammad Habib, the mosque manager, said a container-load of goods paid for by worshippers as well as a local church, would soon arrive for distribution.

The service phone number is 07928 539061 and the email is

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