Woking is best place to live according to online tool

WOKING has been declared the best place to live in Britain, according to an online tool.

Woking is the best place to live in the UK according to Hillarys online tool

The town scored 100% with criteria such as average salary (£31,000) employment (83.6%) and average life expectancy (83).

The only other town in Surrey to appear is Kingston upon Thames, scoring 75%.

Tara Hall, from Hillarys, said: “Every town or city has its merits and its downfalls, but it’s interesting to see how those look when you assign them an actual rating.

“Of course, there are aspects of a city or town that can’t be measured in numbers, like history and culture, and I’m sure that long-term residents of these lower-ranking places might disagree with what we’ve found.”

The full list can be seen by visiting www.hillarys.co.uk/static/hot-or-not/.

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