What’s cooking in St John’s ?

A WOOD burning stove specialist in St John’s celebrated extending its product selection by offering cookery demonstrations at the showroom so that clients can see the incredible results the new ESSE range cookers can deliver.

Chef Daniel Blewitt (Esse Southern Sales Rep) demonstrates the Esse EC2i Range Cooker to Erica Bomphrey from Bisley.
Chef Daniel Blewitt (Esse Southern Sales Rep) demonstrates the Esse EC2i Range Cooker to Erica Bomphrey from Bisley.

Surrey Woodburners, which has a showroom in Woking, has established a reputation for high quality, personal service, and ESSE range cookers, which has been handcrafting British cookers since 1854, has been the choice of clients including royalty, The Savoy Hotel and the River Cottage restaurant. Also, explorers Shackleton and Scott took them on their Antarctic expeditions.

Heritage and modern performance combine to create culinary heaven in the ESSE range cookers, which have continued to evolve in an era where energy efficiency is all important.

There are models featuring four ovens and an induction hotplate, designs that don’t need a flue and woodburning ranges that dramatically reduce electricity consumption. ESSE cookers continuously maintain their oven and hotplate temperatures, many can also provide central heating needs and some can be controlled by a timer.

While traditional quality is at the heart of the collection, there’s nothing old-fashioned about the ESSE. Available in several sizes and in 29 colours – from primrose, teal green and dusky violet to classic cream or jet black – the cookers make a style statement in any kitchen.

Each of the four fuel options has advantages: woodburners are sustainable and economical, gas offers control and flexibility, electric models can function like heat storage cookers or as simple on/off appliances, and the oil-burning ranges can go down to an extremely low setting and quickly return to temperature when required.

Charles Cavaliero of Surrey Woodburners said: “ESSE is a fantastic addition to our range of products. All ESSE wood burning stoves and their cookers are made in England and are renowned for quality, design and reliability.

“Buying a woodburning stove or a range cooker is an investment and clients are entitled to expect the peace of mind that everything is compliant and that there is someone on hand if they encounter any problems. “

Surrey Woodburners offer a complete installation service for both stoves and cookers.

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