Brothers set to Shine on in Woking’s New Vic

IF YOU’VE seen the movie Sunshine on Leith and loved the songs, be warned. The duo who wrote them are coming to Woking and say they sound nothing like the film…

The 2013 musical was based on the music of Scottish twin brothers The Proclaimers, Craig and Charlie Reid, who are still touring to promote last year’s 10th studio album, Let’s Hear It For The Dogs.

The duo have had a long succession of hits since they came to fame in the 1980s, including Sunshine on Leith, (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles, Letter From America, I’m on My Way, Life With You, Let’s Get Married and more.

These were used for a stage musical, Sunshine On Leith, which later became the movie, but Craig says: “Hopefully it gives people an idea of the songs, but if you’ve never seen us before then our versions of the songs are probably somewhat different.

“If you come along thinking it will sound like Jane Horrocks, you’re wrong. It will be much louder and less in tune.”

However, he adds: “We’re really happy the movie came out. It was a great success and it’s allowed our songs to travel to places and get into the homes of people who wouldn’t have been exposed to us before.”

With so many hits to choose from, and 10 albums under their belt, The Proclaimers now have a huge back catalogue to choose from when compiling their live set. How do they select what to play each night?

“We just get a list of all the songs, cut them up in strips, mix them up and pull them out,” says Craig before dissolving into laughter. “No, there are seven or eight we have to play every night, we know that. We look to play about 24 in total and, apart from those staples, we mix it up a bit.

“We like to bring some songs back and rest some, and we don’t play the same songs every night because that would get a bit tedious.”

As for their enduring appeal, he says: “I don’t know what it is but I don’t want to mess with it because it seems to work.

“I don’t think we ever fit in and I don’t think we ever will, which probably helps. We play our stuff and whether you like it or not doesn’t bother us. Luckily plenty of people do.”

The Proclaimers will play at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking on Sunday 19 June.

The brothers will be supported by rambling folk singer Will Varley, who has famously walked over 500 miles along England’s south coast with a guitar on his back.

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