Pyrford Ward Result – no power shift in new ward

THE Conservatives’ grip on Woking Borough Council tightened in almighty fashion as the party in blue blitzed the Pyrford vote.

Three sitting councillors secured their prolonged stay on the council; with Graham Chrystie (1,892) the front winner, followed closely by Ashley Bowes (1,853) and Rashid Mohammed (1,433).

And Councillor Chrystie firmly believes that the voice of residents has shone through in the latest round of voting.

He told the News & Mail: “What we should say is that this result emphasises the success of our new ward boundaries. The public seem to support it and it is encouraging to see different communities coming together to vote us in.

“Woking has achieved a lot already and has a lot more to come in the pipeline – we look forward to taking on those challenges as they come.”

Cllr Bowes says the voting public have reacted to a strong campaign and pledged to play his part as the Tory party build towards the future.

Adding to Cllr Chrystie’s jubilation, he said: “I think the victory here is a reflection of our manifesto pledges and we will be striving to deliver the next one [in the same fashion].”

The buoyant mood in the camp was shared by Cllr Mohammed, who was toasting his own personal achievement of representing a second ward.

“I started out in Maybury, but with the boundary shift I came to Pyrford,” he explained. “I’m back in and in a new ward; I’m looking forward to uniting with Ashley and Graham to help bring the voices of residents to the council.”

The nearest challenge to the top three’s supremacy came in the form of Liberal Democrat candidate Ian Lachowicz (579).

BOWES Ashley (Conservative): 1,853

CHRYSTIE Graham (Conservative): 1,892
COSNAHAN Guy (Liberal Democrat): 373
LACHOWICZ Ian (Liberal Democrat): 579
MILNER Robin (UKIP): 523
MOHAMMED Rashid (Conservative): 1,433
SANDERSON Richards (Liberal Democrat): 407
WILLIAMS David (Labour): 492
ZAHID Misbah (Labour): 521
*(21 rejected ballots)

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