‘Snow’ problem here as gritters hit the streets

THE borough was caught cold on Sunday when an arctic bite chewed into Woking.
Icy roads and walkways greeted residents in the early hours after a blanket of snow had descended overnight.

It made for a belated Christmas card scene following one of the mildest winters on record.

Pirbright was no exception to the plunge in temperatures, the sight of the village green encapsulating views all around Woking at the weekend. Thankfully for all those expected in the office on Monday, the frosty conditions subsided and by midday any trace of the inclement weather had melted away.

And as forecasters warn of more cold and icy conditions, the county council’s fleet of gritting lorries continue to keep Surrey moving.

The gritters, featuring location trackers and salt spreading monitors, are hitting the road after filling up from a 16,000-tonne stockpile of salt.

Thermal maps of all Surrey’s gritting routes show which roads are more at risk of icing up, while 11 weather stations across the county offer updates on air and road temperatures, rainfall and salt levels. Last winter, Surrey’s gritters treated 67,000 miles of roads.

Motorists can find local travel updates on the @SurreyTravel Twitter feed, while the Met Office website features the latest weather forecasts.

Further winter information is available on the county council’s website. Cabinet Member for Highways, John Furey, said: “Last year our gritters drove the equivalent of travelling between London and Sydney and back three times, and they’ll work around the clock again this winter to keep Surrey moving in ice and snow. But the reality is they can’t treat every road in Surrey.

“That is why we’re working with farmers and local councils while also asking residents to play their part in helping by spreading grit in their communities and looking out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours.”

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