Councillor breaths new life into road safety petition

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to make a Knaphill road safer have received good news from their local councillor.

Kirsty Campbell, a mum of three, regularly crosses Littlewick Road alongside many others to gain access to the nearby pre-school.

But so concerned she was over the dangers of the 40mph road that she decided to start a petition which gained the backing of Littlewick Common Residents’ Association.

An on-site meeting with Conservative Cllrs Saj Hussain and John Kingsbury, as well as a Surrey Highways Engineer and representatives from Horsell Common Preservation and LCRA followed.

Kirsty told the News & Mail: “Better signs have already been ordered, a speed check has been promised, and we are hopeful we will also see a widening of the pavement and islands in the middle of the road.”

But the full crossing at the heart of Kirsty’s petition looked as if it would not materialise due to cost – until now.

Speaking to the News & Mail, Cllr Hussain explained: “Without making any promises, we have identified some funds that we could possibly free up. Providing the costs do not run away from our tight budget, we may yet have a level crossing installed.”

Any work is subject to a Highways survey, but Cllr Hussain is keen for action, having made road safety one of his top pledges when running for borough and county councillor status.

He was recently celebrating the installation of long-awaited speed awareness measures on Lower Guildford Road. Flashing speed calculators on each side of the road have gone up, some five years after the stretch of road was re-classified to 30mph from 40mph.

Cllr Hussain said: “Because speed awareness in Knaphill was part of my election pledge, I am very pleased to see these signs in operation. People are still, unfortunately, speeding in the ward and I believe these signs are acting as a deterrent to speedy drivers.

“Highways prohibits overloading the road with more and more 30mph speed signs, so this represents the best solution for all parties.”

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