PLANS to build more than 1,000 new flats in a project to finance rebuilding the Woking FC ground, could fall foul of a government inspector, says Hoe Valley councillor Debbie Hughes.

Cllr Hughes said an inspection to check the suitability of the planned high-rise development will take place next week.

“It is possible the inspector will say it is not suitable and the developer will have to rethink,” she said.

The planned development has been altered after comments from residents and councillors but some have said that the reduction in height of most of the blocks still left buildings not in keeping with the area.

“There are two issues: the height of the development on a road predominantly of bungalows and the density,” Cllr Hughes said.

“There will be potentially more than 2,000 additional people.”

Cllr Hughes said that if an existing surgery was interested in taking over the planned medical centre, this would not mean the provision of more doctors and there was no extra provision for transport for the football fans.

“They have not addressed the major issues the residents are concerned about.”

Katie Bowes, from South Woking Action Group, said the presentation last Friday, which ran from 9.30am to 8.30 pm, was given with too little notice and many residents were unable to attend.

Ms Bowes said that the council and football club had been in email discussions with SWAG, but that the developers had not responded to queries.

She said there was widespread public concern surrounding several matters, including a possible conflict of interest for the council as investor in the development and planning administrator.

“The impact of this project reaches far beyond the Laithwaite Stadium and the immediate vicinity, as all Woking borough residents deserve the reassurance that their public money is being spent prudently in these tough financial times.”

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