It was a tight-knit race between the Tories and Liberal Democrats for the Godalming & Ash seat.

Jeremy Hunt managed to retain his seat with just under 900 votes between him and Lib Dem candidate Paul Follows. Leading up to the General election, polls predicted Hunt to lose his seat including the exit polls.

Hunt had 23,293 votes, followed by Follows with 22,402, Reform UK’s Graham Drage had 4,815, Labour’s James Walsh with 2,748, Green’s Ruby Tucker had 1,243 and Harriet Williams from the Women's Equality Party on 195.

In his speech, Hunt said: “I’m deeply honoured to have been chosen once again to represent the area I grew up in and love.

“Across the country, tonight is a bitter pill to swallow for the Conservative party. When you lose the trust of the electorate, all that matters is having the courage and humility to ask yourself why.”