A 13-year-old cat who has “been through the mill” but is a “huge softy” is now looking for his forever home after being rescued by the RSPCA in Chobham.

Percy, is living at RSPCA Millbrook after his owner died. Percy has overcome his initial fears after being taken into care and is now looking for somewhere to live out the rest of his life.

Millbrook’s Debbie Pearce said: ‘‘Percy was so worried when he first arrived, he wasn’t sure of us and was rather hissy which is perfectly understandable considering he had only ever known one home and now everything was different and scary.

‘‘We very quickly saw signs that he was actually a huge softy and were pleased to say the more he’s settled his real personality has come out and he is a really sweet loving boy. When you visit him now Percy loves a gentle stroke all round his head and chin, he has also been known to dribble a bit! He is such a scrummy boy

‘‘Percy did have entropion in both eyes, which means his eyelashes were growing inwards causing his eyes to become really sore. He had to have an operation on both eyes, and has recovered so well and his eyes are looking amazing.

‘‘We think that Percy could live with children of secondary school age as long as it’s not too much of a busy or loud household. He is an older gent looking for his retirement home. We think he would be best as the only pet in his new home.’’

If you are interested in providing a home for Percy, visit www.rspca-millbrook.org.uk to complete an application form which will be emailed automatically to Millbrook. 

Remember, though, that application does not guarantee adoption.