VETERAN radio DJ Tony Blackburn turned 80 in January, but he shows no signs of slowing down.

Tony is still broadcasting on Radio 2, and brings his Sounds of the 60s “live” show to Woking’s New Victoria Theatre on Tuesday 28 March.

“Sometimes people retire far too early,” he says. “To keep your brain going it’s really important you have something to do, even if it’s a hobby.

“I never want to retire. As long as everyone loves what I do, I’ll carry on.’’

The DJ, who launched Radio 1 in 1967 after presenting shows on pirate radio stations, added: “It’s also about health. I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life because I’m an animal lover. I take vitamin pills and every day I have Manuka honey, which is wonderful for the voice.

“I’d be happy if there was a daily pill to take instead of eating because I don’t like food. When my wife arranged a 70th party for me at a hotel, all the guests had a special meal and I asked the chef for chips, beans and a fried egg.”

As for that recent 80th birthday, the Guildford-born disc jockey says: “I can’t believe I’m 80, because I don’t feel it. I celebrated in the best possible way with a special Radio 2 show.

“Now, I’m off again on tour around the UK with a seven-piece band and singers.

“It’s basically like my Sounds of the 60s radio show but in the theatre. I love seeing older people enjoying a night out, dancing in the aisles.”

Now living in Hertfordshire with second wife Debbie, Tony says he never tires of touring, adding: “Debbie often comes with me and we treat it like a little holiday, staying in some nice hotels.”

He says stays young in mind by keeping up with the modern world. “I was one of the first people to have a satellite dish, and be on Twitter, I have all the up-to-date equipment at home to interview people for my show and I couldn’t be without my mobile phone,” he explains.

“I love technology and think it’s important for older people like me to keep up.”