Woking owner Drew Volpe says it is business as usual at the club.

John Katz stepped down as Woking’s chief executive officer last month – although he is remaining active on the board of directors and is continue his non-matchday duties as football secretary.

Emanuele Palladino has been named interim chief executive officer and will oversee club operations for the next few months as the club restructures its management team, and Volpe has thanked Katz for his time as chief executive officer.

Volpe said: “John has been at the helm for four years and I’m grateful for his stewardship and all his hard work at the club. Nothing lasts forever of course and he has decided to return home for personal reasons and I support him in that decision. Myself and everyone at the club wishes him the best in his next chapter.”

Volpe says it is business as usual at the club, and has revealed he still hopes to attract new investors to the Cardinals.

“It will be business as usual at Woking,” said Volpe. “There will not be any noticeable changes which is what I want Woking supporters to know. I’ve been open about my intention to bring in new investors, who will buy into the club. My goal is to have a seamless transition to a new investment group, and this means making careful decisions.”

Volpe insists he is still very much in it for the long haul at the Laithwaite Community Stadium, even if he does successfully attract new investment.

“I’ve said this a million times, I’m going to be in this club until the day that I die,” said Volpe. “My stake will dilute down but I won’t be leaving the club.”

Volpe admitted he doesn’t currently have a timeframe for bringing in investment.

“It is impossible to give an accurate time frame,” said Volpe. “We want to find the right people to help this club grow, and not just the first people. And that is one of the reasons for bringing in Emanuele Palladino as chief executive officer with his football industry connections. Change is always challenging and takes hard work, but it is also rewarding and meaningful and I feel really positive for the future of the club.

“I met Emanuele through one of our main sponsors, Boz. He impressed me from day one and he continues to impress me now. We spent time at Celtic Manor for the recent National League meetings and he has a depth of experience in football which will help the club grow. I couldn’t be more excited for him to get going and John’s stewarding will help him get started.”

Woking boss Michael Doyle has been busy shaping his squad for the new season, with a number of new signings and a number of players agreeing to remain at the club.

Volpe says he is happy with the recruitment work so far this summer, and is looking forward to the new season getting started next month.

“We’ve just signed Max Dyche, we’ve made some amazing signings that are ready to go and everyone’s ready to kick on,” said Volpe. “I can’t wait for the season to start.”