PETER Jordan, the Woking FC majority shareholder, has spoken about his terrifying ordeal on an aircraft that crash-landed on a runway in Ukraine last week.

Peter, a retired businessman, was flying to Odessa on a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 when the incident happened last Thursday.

“The plane came in too fast and had to go around again. On the second approach, the plane was still going too fast and when we landed it bounced three or four times,” Peter told the News & Mail.

“The nose wheel collapsed and the plane scraped along the runway, with sparks flying up. There was pandemonium as you don’t know how much air fuel there is.

“We came to a sudden stop and I thought, ‘stay calm; we are on the ground’.

“Then the lights went out and the cabin started to fill with smoke. There was panic and screaming.”

Passengers opened the exits and helped each other down the emergency shutes. Peter said he did not see the crew or hear any announcements. He and other male passengers helped the women and children to leave before going down the shutes themselves.

Peter and other 134 passengers and crew then waited in temperatures of -2C to be picked up by a bus and taken to the terminal building. He got a taxi to his hotel and the next day his luggage was delivered by the airline.

“I have flown thousands of times and this was absolutely terrifying. It’s an experience I never want anyone to go through.”

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